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At Cambridge Animal Hospital, you will find that you don't have to give up quality for affordability. You get both! We strive to provide the highest quality and compassionate care for your animals, treating them as members of the family, and embracing a teamwork approach that involves both doctors and family in the decision making process for your pets.

You will find more information about our pricing below - if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact the clinic at 303.651.PAWS (7297) and we will be happy to assist.

Cambridge Animal Hospital Price List

*Prices subject to change. Any pet over the age of 1 or considered over weight may be subject to additional fees.

Office Visits
Office Visit - Wellness Exam $39.00
Office Visit - Diagnostic Exam $44.00
Recheck/Progress Exam $29.00
Vaccine Series Exam $24.00
Canine DA2PP $21.00
Canine DA2PP + Lepto $26.00
Canine/Feline Rabies 3 year $26.00
Feline Rabies Canary Pox 1 year $29.00
Canine Leptospirosis (alone) $21.00
Canine Bordetella $21.00
Canine Rattlesnake Vaccine $26.00
Feline FVRCP $21.00
Feline FVRCP/Rabies $35.00
Feline Leukemia $27.00
Lab Fees
Heartworm Test $28.00
Parvovirus Test $36.00
Fecal Ova & Parasite $22.00
Complete Fecal: Giardia/float/cytology $59.00
Urinalysis/In-House $44.00
Pre-Op CBC/PT/PTT $58.00
Adult Wellness CBC $40.00
CBC/Chem/Thyroid/Urinalysis $119.00
Xray - single view $80.00
Xray - double view $115.00
Xray - each additional view $54.00
Routine Surgeries
*All include full anesthesia monitoring with IV Catheter, IV fluids, and pain medications.
Canine Neuter up to 50 lbs $199.00
Canine Neuter 50 lbs or greater $214.00
Canine Spay up to 25 lbs $262.00
Canine Spay 25-50 lbs $284.00
Canine Spay 50-75 lbs $309.00
Canine Spay 75+ lbs $354.00
Canine Dental (includes dental xrays but NOT bloodwork or extractions) $307 - $357
Feline Neuter $110.00
Feline Spay $252.00
Declaw 2 paw (alone) $250.00
Feline Neuter/Declaw (2 paw) $280.00
Feline Spay/Declaw (2 paw) $330.00
Feline Dental (includes dental xrays but NOT bloodwork or extractions) $282.00


Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday: 8 AM to NOON
Sunday: CLOSED

We refer after hours emergencies to Aspen Meadow Emergency Hospital

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